TOP 5 Questions To Ask The Interviewer In Your Next Hospitality Job Interview

Having these questions ready in your next Hospitality Job interview is going to set you apart from the rest.

It also helps you to understand more about the position and know if it is the correct role for you.


Here are the top 5 questions you should be asking..

1. Regarding the direction of the organisation, what do you feel are going to be your greatest achievements over the coming years?

Companies should be able to consider between three to five years into the future. However, it may not be great to join an organisation that is only focused on the future. Thinking is great, but look for organisations that act, those who are building things now and also have great vision about exactly what they’re going to do both in the present and in coming years, such companies are worthy of you… aim to Join them!

This is a wonderful question to ask because it helps you comprehend if the organisation have vision, what that vision is and if they are able to translate that into a concrete picture regarding exactly where they want to go and what they want to build.

The next questions (two, three, and four) are about you and your position in the organisation…

2. What are the attributes of those who achieve the most success in this role?

You’re seeking to understand the skills the employer values. This is a great question because you’ll get to know the precise traits they’re evaluating you on and you can utilise that insight straight away to outline how you, your experience and background equate to those traits! Additionally, it’s an awesome question for setting up the following one.

3. If you were to offer me the role and I was to accept, in 12 months from now, what specifically would I have achieved that would cause you to consider taking me on to be a raging success?

This provides you with the clarity to ensure that you can really achieve those objectives. Additionally, it provides you ammunition to use within the interview or following interviews to lay out exactly how will achieve what they consider to be a success. You now comprehend what their (annual) goals are. Aim to get them to see you carrying it out for them. Boom, this one is a big win in the interview, however you’re not quite finished yet!

Now let’s pile it on a bit…

4. If you were to offer me the job and if I was to accept the role, within 7 days of starting the position, what is going be my greatest surprise?

This is a bit of safety net question. You are ensuring you’re discovering any information that you might not have done with the previous questions you’ve been asking. It causes the interviewer to think “hmmmm, what else is this candidate going to ask in this job interview, what can I share with them about what surprised me when I first joined the organisation?”

5. Could you describe your management style and what your expectations for position are that you may not have already outlined? 

Four out of five people in the Hospitality industry leave their jobs due to their employer, as such you have to be sure that you comprehend the style of management of the person who will be managing you so that you can understand if this is the style complements your work style.

You want to discover the specifics around what they will consider to be success for the position, are they hands on or is it more hands off, and you should try to make sure you are synchronised with that type of employer.

I hope these 5 tips have been helpful for you and that you will be able to use them in landing your next great role!

As always happy job hunting,