Proven Method To Massively Increase Your Chances In A Job Interview

So, here is the question you have to ask at the end of an interview, it’s a little scary but I promise you it will be worth it….

That’s a hard question to ask, because they’re going to give you an answer and sometimes it’s not the one you want to hear, you may hear something like “to be blatantly honest, you just don’t have the skills”, or “we’ve had stronger candidates apply”.Okay, that isn’t the best, however, if you get that answer the beauty of it is you know right away not to be waiting by the phone for their call, you can pick yourself right back up and go and start interviewing for more jobs.

On the other hand, they might say something along the lines of “you don’t have a lot of experience in XYZ area”… GREAT, This is now your chance to make the argument for why you should get the position anyway, it allows you the opportunity to fight for the Job. So, if they say you haven’t had a lot of experience doing XYZ. You can say “Well, that is why I’m so excited to work here, I love a new challenge and I’m excited to get to learn about something new and I know I will just hit the ground running because learning something new and doing something I haven’t done before keeps me going, so I’m excited to learn more about that area to work in it”.I love this question because it gives you a chance to fight for the position and show your confidence.

Normally at the end of the interview there are areas where the interviewer may think “Okay, they seem good overall, but I’m not sure about XYZ” and not every interviewer asks all the right questions, so sometimes they’re left wondering about those things and by asking this you’re getting the opportunity to clarify anything that’s still leaving them uncertain. It is also a wonderful opportunity to show that you can handle feedback.

Something that so many people are looking for these days is someone who can take feedback, we’re living in a feedback culture, so you need to be able to handle it and this question shows that you can.So, this is a great feedback question you can have ready in your back pocket for that moment when they ask “Do you have any questions ?”, which you can use to clarify any uncertainty and make a strong argument whilst projecting confidence for role.

I hope you have found this interesting and that it will be of help in your next interview.Also…I’m excited to let you know, we have a new course coming out and are signing up candidates now, (email [email protected]) if you would like more info).

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