How To Get Your Resume Read By Employers – Four Easy Steps

Our Top 4 Tips On Introducing Yourself To A Potential Employer

get your resume read by employers

I wanted to get this one out to you, it’s a little longer than usual but has some simple and effective tips for getting noticed when applying for a new role. Whether or not you are sending a cover letter below are four things you need to include.

The Cover Letter

These days it’s not always expected to produce a cover letter  however as I went over in my earlier emails I still recommend it as an extra way to highlight what you can bring to an organisation.

Cover letters are from a long time ago when we didn’t have computers, emails, applicant tracking systems and you had to mail your resume to an employer about a job opportunity. You needed to insert a cover letter to introduce yourself to let them know what it was you were applying for, but regardless you still need to effectively introduce yourself.

Whether you’re doing that using a cover letter in an attached document or whether you’re doing that in an email introduction or through an applicant tracking system or If you decide not to send a cover letter at all, there are four things you ultimately need to do.

Respect The Hiring Manager’s Time

Before getting into them, when applying for positions it’s important exercise mindfulness of the time of the person youre applying to. Somebody who’s hiring for a position might be handling multiple openings, so be sure that whatever you do you’re being brief, doing so will raise the chances of get your resume read attentively.

Clarity Is Key To Getting Your Resume Read

Trust me, most people are moving at such a pace. Most managers just want to see if you fit for positions in their company. Many of them are not going to take the time to read a lengthy intro or a lengthy cover letter.


get your resume read by employers

The first thing when sending your email is how to address the person you are writing to, Usually it’s

Dear (whoever the correct person is)”. Ideally you can figure out who that person is. But if not use “Dear Sir/Madam” or to “whom it may concern” 

or any intro you are comfortable using, “I’m writing to inquire about the opening for (name the position)”, so now you’re telling them exactly why your inquiring, it’s just one sentence that’s it. Let them know why they need go to the next paragraph so they can get to the “meat and potatoes”. 

This is the what you offer and why you’re qualified. I would just say “I offer X years of experience” in “(whatever your specialty) is”. “Which makes me a strong candidate for this opening”.

That’s obviously your opinion, but I think it’s nice to give them insight that you believe you’re a strong candidate. They want to hear that!

Point Out The Highlights On Your CV

Then what I would do is I would add one more sentence in that in that paragraph and  say… The top portion of my CV highlights my career profile, and three accomplishments that align with this position”

What you’re doing is you’re creating intrigue. You’re telling them exactly where they can find the information that they need. So they can quickly know whether or not you’d be a good candidate.

Then the last little sentence I would add is “I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. If you feel I’d be a strong candidate for this or any position in your organisation”.

Be Sure They Understand You Are Open To Other Positions

It’s extremely important that you add the any other position in your organisation”. People need help with how to think these days, everybody is moving so quickly. It’s not because they’re not smart, but you want to make sure that they recognize that you’re open to it and that they should be thinking that way. 

get your resume read by employers

You don’t want them to open your CV, look at it and say… “not a fit for the position.” You want to remind them to think about other positions in their company. It may be very obvious. It may sound like common sense, but when you’re moving so quickly, it’s not always common practice.

How To Apply For Hospitality Jobs Summarised & Get Your Resume Read

  1. I’m writing to inquire about what the position is.
  2. I offer X years of experience.
  3. I have these strong skills. Point out the top portion of your resume highlights, your career profile and significant accomplishments which put you in alignment with the position.
  4. Make sure they know you are open to other positions within their organization.

One of the things you might be thinking is.. “Why not put those highlights and that detail in a cover letter?”

The cover letter is not essential but should be a brief introduction. In it you can highlight your skills in a little more detail (still remaining as brief as possible). Perhaps with some images of work you have done (particularly for chefs and other creatives). It should tell them why and how you’re qualified, but here you want to create an entry. You ultimately want to get them to open your resume (and read it properly).

This method will underline your skills and highlight that you are open to other positions within their organization. It will encourage them to read your CV and tell them where to find the information they need.

I want to let you know that if you like this type of information. I’ve got a training course that’s careers related and is linked below. It’s all this type of information in much more depth. Everything from finding your purpose, writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing, all the way to career acceleration and more. Everything careers related. I’d also I love to hear from you. So if you are interested in this course or have any insight or any questions about this, let me know. Ask me any questions and feel free to share this information. I always welcome the shares!

Until next time, happy job hunting,