Creative / Motivated Chef

I am aiming to deeply integrate myself into the philosophy of my responsible areas and roles as well as adding up to it and giving it a face and Culinary identity, with this my objective is to complete this establishment’s personality. With a motivational nature and willpower I am very determined to make everyday a success. Due to my personal interests, worldview and constant search for information, have I build up a versatile range of abilities and with the idea in mind that it is never too late to learn has this given me the skill to simply step out of my comfort zone and go beyond.

 Business Negotiation skills with suppliers, promotion and etc.

 PR, Sales & Marketing in products, promotions and philosophy. Building relationships with customers and promoting business whenever possible while attending events and internally while “going around the tables”, networking and sharing information.

 A sixth sense when it comes to customer needs as well as close customer relation “building a returning” loyal customer base.

 Culinary content writing, preparing recipes for magazines or online channels as well as simple flyer and menu design.

 Food photography on a hobby basis sharing with follower on social media and promoting business with.

 Creativity in culinary area, can adapt or create different ways to express food depending on concept. Knowledge in all areas of the kitchen as well as of different culinary national based foods.

 Cost control depending on budgets with creating exact recipes at all times for different.

 Training staff with motivational and direct based practices and mind opening ethnical and simple topics, bringing awareness back.